FlexTreme™ FSM-0001-3AQS


FlexTreme™ bags are single-use systems engineered for biopharmaceutical applications.
Case Size: 10


Standard FlexTreme™ FSM-0001-3AQS

FlexTreme™ bags are single-use liquid handling systems engineered for biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Replace traditional rigid walled plastic and glass tubes, flasks, bottles and carboys with disposable bioprocessing bags. Single-use bags minimize the risk of cross contamination, reduce cleaning costs and shorten process turnaround time. FlexTreme™ bags are manufactured from FLEXCLR™ film with an inert LDPE product contact layer and EVOH gas barrier layer to ensure compatibility with your biological processing. All materials pass USP Class VI medical grade testing. Bioprocessing bags are self draining allowing for easy dispensing. No dip tubes required. No air entrapment or foaming problems. Suitable for storage and processing of a variety of liquids including media, buffers, process liquids, and biological products. Gamma irradiated for added assurance.


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FlexBiosys Cat # FSM-0001-3AQS
Standard FlexTreme™