About Us

FlexBiosys was founded in 2011 in Lebanon, NJ with the goal to provide you with outstanding design services and manufacture single-use biopharmaceutical products that surpass your expectations. We were founded on the idea of offering total custom solutions for single-use bioprocessing needs. Whether you are a current customer or meeting us for the first time, you can be assured we will meet those goals for you!

FlexBiosys offers expert design and custom manufacturing of single-use bioprocessing products. We offer a comprehensive range of products that include bioprocessing bags, bottles, and tubing assemblies. All manufacturing is done in our state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 certified cleanroom, located in Lebanon, NJ. We offer completely custom tailored solutions for your bioprocessing needs, and have a design team with over 35 years of experience to help you make your vision a reality.